Usage Options

General Approach

You will have secure access to a simplified way to create your custom message.

You will be provided with a unique URL. Whenever you visit that URL your target phone will ring.

You also have access to a dashboard to see your successful saves.

Simple, right? Yet also extensible and powerful.


We've teamed up with Zapier to bring you over 400 additional ways to launch your distress call. Use your Gmail account, your Twitter account, or whatever else is hiding in your imagination. You don't need to know how to write code: just tell Zapier what triggers your panic button, add your unique panic button ID, and off you go! Most Office Panic Button accounts are elibible for full usage of the free Zapier tier: you are free to connect as often as you'd like!

Interested? Contact us for your complimentary, private beta invite!

You can find more ideas and a growing number of tutorials over on our blog.

Want to confuse your would-be office mates? Or perhaps you have an exterior location that a trusted co-worker can scan before heading out to lunch. Either way - consider hiding your unique code inside a QR Code. By the way, we go ahead and make your QR code for you after you sign up.
Do you have a mobile device that can read NFC Tags? If so - you are in luck. For less than $1 you can have a virtually invisible way to remotely signal your distress. Want us to configure and mail that to you? No problem!
Nothing beats the old standard: a simple bookmark in your laptop,desktop,phone,Kindle, or other internet-enabled device. One click on this unique URL and you will get your pre-configured call. Are you a developer? It can return JSON (code) for a simple API. Worried about looking obvious? Don't - you can set it up to make everything look like a normal, functional Google seach page.

Ready to get started? Sign up and then register your mobile or office phone number: you'll be ready to start in a couple minutes.

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